So like something weird is going on….

10 Aug

I am sensing someone is looking at this page when in reality, they should be looking at THIS:

Well that’s awesome enough. There’s something else even cooler. Don’t believe me? Check this baby out!


Holy Cow!

23 Apr

Holy HELL!!! Craziest thing ever going on right now!!!!!

You are looking at the wrong blog!!!!

Check out this bad boy! You can get all the hits here!


GO NOW!!!!!

I’ve been pretty stressed lately…

27 Oct

So I make myself feel a lot better by going to:

You’ll probably feel better too. I mean new music? What else beats that. NOTHING! Well…okay maybe just one thing:

What are you doing?

10 Oct

You’re looking at the wrong blog! Yeah I know mine was on the blog roll, but it was a trick to get you back to the big site!

Hurry! What are you waiting for? Get back to it and find some awesome music!